Americans should now support President Trump

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Now that the Mueller report has concluded that there was absolutely no collusion between President Trump and the Russians, America should rally in support of our president. While the Democrats are now focusing on some of Trump’s actions that they believe constitute obstruction of justice, legally there is no case.

It’s time for America to put this behind us and finally support a president who is taking just the actions that the country needs. History could view the Trump presidency as a turning point. In 2016, the U.S. had suffered through a decade of economic stagnation, a loss of world leadership and what appeared to be a bleak future with little opportunity for all Americans.

Then the country elected Donald Trump to be the 45th president of the United States. The Democrats were stunned that their candidate lost. From the time that Trump was declared the winner, the Dems fought to remove him from office. It didn’t matter that there was no reason for his removal, so the Dems invented one: Trump concluded with the Russians.

After two years of an extremely thorough investigation by a team of lawyers who seemed to be more concerned with taking Trump down than finding the truth, Trump emerged squeaky clean. As if to save face and justify their nearly two year, $30 million investigation, Robert Mueller and his team, rendered a puzzling conclusion about obstruction.

It was never his job to “exonerate” the President. The prosecutor’s job was to determine if there was sufficient evidence to file charges of obstruction against Trump. There either is or there isn’t. A suspect is either guilty or not guilty. Their job was not to prove innocence but rather to show enough evidence to find guilt. Mueller didn’t find sufficient evidence.

Strangely, Mueller did find 10 instances that could possibly be interpreted as reasons for finding Trump guilty of obstruction. Yet all 10 depend on interpretation, as in the instance where Trump wanted Mueller fired because he believed there was a conflict of interest.

Trump went to his attorney Don McGahn and said that McGahn should fire Mueller. McGahn disagreed that there was a conflict of interest and therefore did not recommend firing Mueller. Apparently, Trump agreed and the firing never happened. That means there was no obstruction.

In fact, a review of all 10 instances indicates the interpretation could be made either way. Since a crime requires guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” and since doubt exists, Mueller concluded there was not sufficient evidence to say obstruction occurred.

Now we should all support the president.

History indicated nearly all special prosecutors result in some charges being filed against the original target. This fact weighed heavily on President Trump, especially considering he knew that there was no collusion with the Russians from anyone on his team.

President Trump literally carries the weight of the world on his broad shoulders. Adding to that weight were the problems with the economy, national security, immigration and health care. Many also believe that there was a severe problem with global warming resulting from climate change that was worsened by human activity.

Trump who is a businessperson and not a politician, moved, as a businessperson would, to find solutions to these problems as quickly as possible regardless of political correctness. He has to solve these problems knowing every Democrat in Congress would vote against his policies, more than 90% of media coverage about his presidency is negative and there are a band of “never Trumpers” Republicans.

The results of his policies have been remarkable. He convinced Congress to pass a tax cut that increased economic growth from the prior ten year average of about 2% up to about 3%. He re-asserted America’s leadership in the world. He defeated ISIS who had been terrorizing the world with violent acts.

He convinced North Korea to stop nuclear testing. He put sanctions on Russia to curb some of their negative activity. And after seeing that every trade deal the US had ever signed was lopsided in favor of our trading partners, he forced every country to renegotiate the trade deals.

He nearly replaced the failed Affordable Care Act with a new health care law, but fell one vote short in the Senate, mostly because of the few never Trumpers and zero support from the Dems.

Early on he recognized there was a continued problem with US immigration policy. Although the last four presidents never directly confronted this issue, but rather were content to “kick the can down the road,” Trump tried to secure the border, revise immigration policy and find a solution for the DACA children. The odds against him were too large, however.

Now we should all concentrate on moving the country forward. The Dems have a unique opportunity, even though Republicans control the Senate. Dems control the House of Representatives and have a President with the mind of a Republican and the heart of a Democrat. That means a compromise should be achievable on key issues.

Forget further investigation. Forget impeachment. In about 18 months, if Americans want Trump out of office they will have the chance to vote him out. In the meantime let’s put the needs of the country ahead of the needs of a political party. Let’s finally support our president.

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a professor of finance at Stockton University, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in finance and economics. @mbusler

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