Economic security: President Trump sets stage for GOP gains this fall

WASHINGTON, April 6, 2018: The Democrats and the mainstream media (MSM) talk about a blue wave that’s surely coming in this November’s midterm elections. But President Trump sees it differently. Recent actions by the president show he is setting the stage for Republican gains in the coming election. Once again, by viewing America through the prism of economic security, Trump is likely to defy today’s allegedly lopsided polls.

Trump believes that the only blue wave coming this November is the one you see if you stand on the beach and stare at the ocean.

True, mid-term elections typically favor the party that does not hold the presidency. In 2010, after Barack Obama’s presidential lopsided 2008 presidential victory, the GOP re-gained control of the House of Representatives. In fact, Republicans picked up an impressive 63 House seats in the 2010 contest, giving them a total of 242. (Only 218 are needed for a majority.)

The GOP also picked up six Senate seats, leaving the Dems with a razor-thin majority, which, unfortunately, was still enough to cause damage to the country. But in the 2014 midterm election, the GOP picked up eight additional seats, resulting in a majority of 54 senators. Republicans easily held on to the House.

This year, the results will be different.

Most current polls show that Trump’s approval rating is in the low 40 percent range. An independent counsel continues investigating Trump, who had (until just this week) been identified as a subject of the probe.

Outside that investigation, Trump is also facing accusations from women who claim they had affairs with him years ago. But these are likely to fall flat, given the Democrats’ cavalier treatment of then-President Bill Clinton’s many female accusers back in the late 1990s.

The Dems, however, think that given these negatives, Americans will vote for Democratic candidates in the fall.

None of that seems to be a major concern for Trump. He knows he is innocent of any Russian collusion and he is innocent of any obstruction of justice. The accusations of impropriety are old news that have already been settled. He also believes the approval rating numbers are not accurate mainly due to biased sampling. (Again, the unbiased Rasmussen poll currently has Trump’s approval rating at 51 percent.)

Trump believes that the positive actions he has taken so far will yield positive results at the ballot box, particularly in the area of economic security for all Americans. He knew that he had to take action quickly once he assumed power. He knew he needs the right people and the right policies to win the vote of Americans. So far this year, he has moved quickly to ensure that the stage is set for November GOP success.

Trump replaces key people and pushes key policies.

When Trump won the election, his advisors told him to surround himself with knowledgeable, experienced, politically savvy people. He followed the advice and selected many Washington insiders for key administration appointments. But by the end of his first year in office, he realized his choices for cabinet members and advisors failed to produce the decisive results he wanted. He quickly moved to change that.

In recent weeks, he replaced numerous advisors and cabinet appointees. The MSM shrieked about the “chaos” in the Trump administration. The truth is, when a results-oriented businessperson does not get those results quickly, those not producing results are quickly fired or “resign” to spend “more time with their families.” In their stead, that results-oriented businessman — or president — replaces the non-producers with proven leaders who can get the job done.

Now Trump believes he does have the right people in the right places. Now he can concentrate on policy actions geared toward achieving the results he desires. He believes that added economic success based on revised trade pacts and improvements in out-of-control, wage-killing illegal in-migration will lead to Republican victories in November. In other words, he believes that by keeping his election promises, the party that he represents will succeed at the ballot box.

Trump is solving the most pressing problem: Economic security for all.

The most important issue to the American voter is economic security. Economic security, in turn, only comes with economic growth that produces opportunities for all workers. Annual GDP growth in the U.S. hasn’t reached 3 percent since 2005. Since Trump took office, however, GDP growth has averaged over 3 percent. This year, growth could reach 4 percent, thanks to Trump’s tax cut and his relentless eliminations of burdensome regulations.

The U.S. also must address its huge international trade deficit, which is what the current “trade war” brouhaha is all about. As the President himself indicated, though, a “trade war” started a long time ago, particularly America’s current trade battle with China.

The ongoing trade mess primary evolved out of previous badly negotiated trade deals that favored foreign countries, putting the U.S. at a distinct economic disadvantage. Trump wants this fixed quickly and chose to rattle the sabers to get trade negotiations on the fast track. Indeed, he has threatened steep tariffs which could allegedly trigger a “trade war.” But, since foreigners sell more to us than we sell to them, foreign countries will be hurt more than the U.S. should a real trade war erupt.

Trump’s tough tariff strategy is bringing all parties to the table to quickly renegotiate trade pacts. By summer most deals will be complete, enabling America to compete on a more level playing field. That will further stimulate economic growth and economic security.

By November things will look very rosy.

Trump is betting that with an economy growing at a 4 percent rate, resulting in record low unemployment and new opportunities, voters will react favorably as their economic security improves. He believes that with ISIS virtually eliminated and with an agreement with North Korea, voters will react favorably as well. A more secure border would prove to be an added plus.

In the meantime, by November the Mueller investigation will likely conclude, with Trump at least cleared of any wrongdoing. The president believes the Dems themselves face some jeopardy. The provably fake, anti-Trump dossier that kicked this political street theater off likely received funding from the DNC, which, in turn, became a branch of the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.

On other fronts, Americans want to feel safe and Trump knows this. As a result, by giving the U.S. military freer rules of engagement and leaving the battles up to his generals, he has essentially obliviated ISIS. In addition, he has brought North Korea to the bargaining table. For the first time ever, North Korea is will to discuss denuclearization. The president is also moving to quickly secure our border with Mexico, despite current provocations.

The Democrats’ insistant #Resistance message will not resonate, particularly if they and their previous presidential candidate become targets of a new and more serious investigation. The biggest question remaining: Why would any voter want to “resist” economic prosperity while enjoying safety from foreign threats?

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years. @mbusler




Dr. Busler is an economist and a public policy analyst. He is a Professor of Finance at Stockton University. His op-ed columns appear in Townhall, Newsmax.

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Michael Busler

Michael Busler

Dr. Busler is an economist and a public policy analyst. He is a Professor of Finance at Stockton University. His op-ed columns appear in Townhall, Newsmax.

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